Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm still here!

The main reason I am writing this post is because my wonderful husband threatened to delete me from his links if I didn't post soon!

Also I checked my sitemeter, and as it turns out there are people still visiting my blog daily, which means I'd better put something here so that they have a surprise when they arrive.

So..... ta da!


I am a happily married woman now! Go to Rhett's blog to see photo's (you'll have to scroll way down). Married life is so so so awesome!

I have started my teaching course in Epsom, which I LOVE! I have met lots of cool people already, and it's such a good feeling knowing I am finally getting to do what I've spent the last 5 or so years longing for. My first practical starts 20 March ( so soon!) and is at St Kentigern's College, which I am both excited and nervous about.

Cession is great as usual. I have taken on the "contact" ministry, which is all about making sure people feel at home at Cession, and if anyone needs anything eg.meals, making sure that their needs don't go unfulfilled.

Will expand on each of these things in separate posts later on.

Also related to Cession, I spent my first night (which will be the first Sunday night of the month from now on) teaching in the Kids Encounter group. It was really really fun, (and challenging!) Kristen does an amazing job with organization, and she still needs helpers if anyone's keen...... ;)

I am actually supposed to be doing an assignment right now, so will have to keep this short. But there is still hope for me in the blogging scene!!! :)

Catch up with you all soon....