Monday, January 08, 2007


Happy New Year!

As of the 1st of January, Rhett and I have been "people of leisure". Meaning: on holiday! The crazy amount of spare time has been relaxing, and strangely unnerving for someone who is usually trying to do ten things at once. But I am now adjusting to the comfort of sleeping whenever, cruising through the day, and randomly pursuing leisurely whims.

Last weekend we went camping with a group of friends in the Waitakere Ranges. We all had a really great time, it felt weird camping and still being in Auckland! Made me wonder why we don't do it more!

New Years was awesome! We'd been invited to a friend's and had a really cool time, and a little past twelve we mosied on down to the beach to light some fireworks. Good way to start what will hopefully be an awesome year!

In a little under a month I will finally begin my teaching career, what I've spent the last 4 years (plus) aiming towards. It's a really good feeling to have made it.

Rhett goes back to study at Carey this year, something that he can't wait to do, so that's another reason why this year should rock!

I have made quite a few New Year's Resolutions, of which I won't mention all, however one of these is to learn how to play guitar a bit better and write some songs. We'll see how it goes.

Overall I am seriously looking forward to this year!