Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Retrospect

As of just over a week ago, I finished uni...forever!

In some respects the last 4 years seem to have gone exceedingly fast, yet when I think back to before I was at uni it seems like forever ago. This last year at teacher's college was the best year of uni I have had. Doing my BA at Auckland was good, but I sometimes felt dwarfed by the size of the campus, the amount of people, and the enormous choice of what to have for lunch!

This year at Epsom there was only one cafe (two if you count the upstairs and downstairs counter of the same building), and it's much harder to remain anonymous due to the lack of people compared to Auckland! But that's what made it so good. At any given time there was always someone I recognized and could chat with, and I made some really good friends I know I'll keep in touch with. I think part of the 'community' vibe at Epsom occurs because we all have a similar occupation in mind, so everyone has something in common. Overall, this year was a much bigger workload than I have experienced in the past, but I learnt so much that I'll actually use in my career, and I am still keen to learn more.

Teaching has been my dream for a long long time, so it's a strange feeling to actually be achieving that. The only downside is that being a qualified English teach means everyone picks me up on my spelling and grammar mistakes! (Although I think I bring a part of that on myself ;) ).

But seriously, in some ways it feels like I am finishing my dream by actually making it here, but in other ways it feels that I am merely at the starting post. I can't wait to meet the students in my classes next year, I know it won't all be easy but it's actually the challenge that I am looking forward to!

This is also nearly the end of mine and Rhett's first year of marriage. Again, it feels like it's gone by so fast, yet it feels like so long ago that we weren't married. I have learnt so much more about Rhett AND myself this year, and I feel like we have made it through so much together already. Going to the U2 concerts this weekend made me think of all the significant events that we have encountered together, (eg. going to South Africa, friends weddings, Parachutes, Christmases to name a few), and it makes me so excited for all the things we will experience together in the future! I am so happy I get to share my life with someone so special.

And coming back to the U2 concert, (how could I not talk about that?!) ...... wow. What i love most about U2 is that through their music and their positive messages, they really inspire hope and they make you feel like you can make a difference in the world for the better. To be in a crowd of 45,000 people singing the words"In the name of love" at the top of our lungs is an amazing feeling. I walked away from the concert with a positive buzz that hasn't left me, and I hope it never does!

I have decided that my passion for experiencing and making music has been taking a backseat for me lately, because of the lack of time I have had for just about everything this year. Without trying to aid the cliche, I want to make it a New Year's Resolution follow this passion more actively in the coming year.

I think it's compulsory to say something just a tad nostalgic at this stage of the year, so I want to say thanks to all the friends and family who have meant so much to me this year, and I look forward to next year!

Also, thanks to the loyal people who actually do still check my blog! I'm surprise myself that I can still remember my password!

Peace out!