Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Moral of the Story

I had the flu this weekend. Can't remember too much of Saturday & Sunday as I slept most of it. Then Monday drove to uni to hand in an assignment and officially slacked off the rest of the day recovering. Today was more of a revitalize day, getting energy back and psyching myself up to get back into the busy-ness that is my life (whilst in the company of my fantabulous fiance who brought me coffee over in the morning).

As much as I hate being sick (and try my best not to take my grumpiness out on the people around me) it did have a silver lining this time. I realized that the world still goes on without me stressing about every tiny detail, that certain things (mainly uni work) can actually wait, and it gave me time to "do nothing" which is definately food for the soul. Good times.

I can't wait til elections are over and I can stop analysing every detail of New Zealand's political atmosphere. Oh, and rumour has it that Winston Peters went fishing the day after the election instead of working out coalition agreements. Possibly searching for underwater terrorist communities?

Back at uni tomorrow, I hope it doesn't rain.


jeanie said...

glad to know you are recovering well, beautiful! looking forward to catching up on Sat...

Til then, be good

Anonymous said...

Leesh says...

Hey Ses :)

I am soooo glad those elections are over, I know exactly what you mean I couldnt help but analyse every second, it made me not want to listen at all!!

See u on the bus!