Monday, October 03, 2005

Not much to say...

I went to Whangarei for the weekend for work - both Saturday and Sunday, so it's now Monday and I am sooo exhausted! I was a little unsure about going, partly because when you go on a travel trip you are expected to do really well and get heaps of sign ups. It turned out that Saturday we did do pretty well - 21 altogether, although Sunday we only got 8. The weather on Sunday was crap, which not only meant less people venturing out to the supermarket where we were, but also people were generally not wanting to stop and sign up. The parents of the girl I was working with live just out of Whangarei, so we stayed there overnight and her Mum cooked roast dinner which was yum :) Then Sunday night we travelled home in the pouring rain, but had some good tunes to listen to and way too many lollies. Good times.

Was good to get out of Auckland to work, as the venues here are getting a bit saturated, but missed Rhett and everyone here heaps!

Mum had to go to hospital for an operation last week, but hopefully she will be out by Wednesday. She's recovering really well which is awesome, but still it will be a relief when she gets home and all is ok.

Sorry I don't have anything intellectually stimulating to say today, too tired, just waiting for the coffee to kick in! But last night I was subtly reminded that I haven't blogged in a week.... (Jean!) so here it is :)
But because I'm not very interesting, here's a maze to capture your attention...good luck!


jeanie said...


Thanx for the mention-although it wasn't very subtle!!!!!! *cough cough

Katy T said...

Hey you, Well seens as i can't just drop in on you maybe we should meet for a coffee as someones back in the contry!!!

Katy T said...

P.S. how strange I was in Whangarei the same weekend!?

SasTheChocaholic said...

Wow you're back!!!
That would have freaked me out to see you in Whangarei!!

Yeah definately catch up for coffee, you still got my cell? And bring allll your photos!

Anonymous said...

Shorty - hey sas, sorry to hear your mum was in hospital, hope she's ok. take care. luv shorty