Friday, August 11, 2006


Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd give you all an update of what I've been up to...

The holidays finished way too soon, it's funny how after the first few days it becomes very very easy to slip into a routine of laziness. Oh well!

I went back to uni for three weeks, and in that time had two big assignments due in, so became a very stressed out individual for a short time! It was great to go back to uni though, got to catch up with some good friends and play some pool :) Oh, and learn some stuff.

Recently I went on a self prescribed caffeine detox regime, meaning no coffee, 'V' or Coke for a week (which turned out to be nine days, yay me!). And I felt better for it!

This past week was my first week on practical at Edgewater College. So far I am really enjoying it, although it's been so busy and tiring! The students I have are fun to work with, and the teachers are great too. Got 4 more weeks there, then a break, then another 2 weeks. Then not long til I am qualified!

Anyway, that's it for now.
Thanks to the dedicated people who still check my blog! Spread the news that I've updated.... :)


jeanie said...

I was gonna skip checking your blog today coz I have been disappointed many of times but I thought, "Just maybe she decided to get her act together...."

Lo and behold! There was an update..... :)

Steve Goble said...

Enjoy your practical!


Liz said...

Wow I didn't know you were at Edgewater! My old school.. aww.. good place that.