Monday, December 12, 2005

Perfection and Peace

We decorated our Christmas tree today. My three nephews and one niece, and I. Isn't it funny how your first thought is to make it look perfect, yet when the decorations fly across the room amidst chaotic yells, the branches get a little bent, the overdose of tinsel almost diguises the tree entirely, and it's no longer a tree but a mass of lights, bells, and those beads you made when you were five, that's when you rethink perfection. The sparkling mass in our lounge may not be visually aesthetic, but to me it's perfect.

A girl I work with is teaching me Chinese. Mei guan xi means no worries.

Today has been in some instances productive (getting some Christmas pressies done) , in some instances aggravating (namely unproductive phone calls), and in some instances relaxing (having a cup of tea and watching desperate housewives).

Last Sunday Brett spoke about "peace". Something he said that stuck with me was, "If peace is something someone can be talked into, is it really peace?" Or something along those lines. It got me thinking... If you talk yourself into peace, is it peace? Or what is it? Is tolerance peace? Does peace come to you, or do you "make" it? Maybe we should all "give peace a chance". Or sweetcorn for that matter ;)

Peace Out.


jeanie said...

good to see you blogging again....:)

was the 'perfection' part of the blog in relation to the book i'm reading? that's funny that you're blogging about it and not me...mine's coming.

nice take on the 'peace' part of the post.

talk to you soon babe!

Rhett said...

eeeew sweetcorn!

SasTheChocaholic said...

Sweetcorn is way better than peas!!!

Yeah still waiting on the perfection post Jean! ;)

jeanie said...

talk bout pressure! i've only got through 2 chapters thanx to Melissa!

and i love sweetcorn-definitely way better than peas....hehe

BJ said...

I think we can choose to do some things with anxiety, issues of concern etc - but tolerance as you describe it, is the kind of peace which is more like the "absence of conflict" stuff - peace in the midst of conflict: now that is the "peace which passes all understanding"...

This to say: I don't really understand ;)