Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Ramble and a Poem

I know, three posts in three days! Just keeping you on your toes!
But this post comes with a revelation.... I've decided to hop on the poetry train.

I am a daughter, a mother, a lover,
A woven thread
Inextricably bound to a stereotype.

I am a grain of sand,
A world inside another,
A role model for oppressive liberation.

I am boxed in, a mere appearance,
I make morning tea, and rule a nation.
Embodiment of mixed message identity.

I am. I am. Am I?


jeanie said...


Hope your getting better and it's been nice having stuff to read when I pop round...

BJ said...

very impressive...yours?

SasTheChocaholic said...

thanks! yep 100% me :)