Friday, January 04, 2008

Four days in to 2008

Tonight I am feeling happy, excited, a little tired, and pleased.

Happy because it's been a good, sunny day, and is now a nice relaxing evening.

Excited because Rhett and I booked our flights to go and visit my sister, her partner, and my extremely cute nephews, in a few weeks. I've been hanging out to go there for a long time now, so it's awesome that we finally get to go! Also, it will be Rhett's first real visit to the South Island!

A little tired, only because I am well and truly in holiday mode and am so used to not working that doing just about anything is strenuous. It's a good place to be :)

And pleased, because it's Day Four and I have been keeping my New Year's resolutions. (Did I call them that?)

Not only have I been researching healthy snacks and enjoying them, but Rhett and I went for a mammoth walk the other day in a place called the Pinnacles (East of Wellington). It felt like we were walking in a desert; it was blistering hot, and we were working our way through a dried up river bed. It turned out to be an 11 hour long day (obviously not walking that whole time!), but I felt well-exercised by the end of it, and managed to get a couple of good photo's. And slept well that night!

I have done a plan of when I will plan my school stuff for this year. I had intended to use Rhett's sermon prep time to do all of it, but am getting a bit addicted to daytime TV!

Tomorrow we will be going to the local Farmer's Market, where they sell all types of goodies that you get to try first, looking forward to it!


Steve Goble said...

As we say in England, it's like waiting for a bus. Nothing for six months, and then three suddenly come along...


Sarah said...

Haha, well as the nice old guys from the Mainland Cheese ad say... good things take time :)